The Adventures of Hot Wheelz, the Horse

Book Cover: The Adventures of Hot Wheelz, the Horse

Lori was often hushed as a young girl, the youngest of four with busy parents who sometimes didn’t notice her. With three much louder and bigger older sisters, Lori didn’t have much say in what she wanted. It would be years before she could be herself, develop self-worth and self-esteem, and use her athletic skills to their fullest. Yet, she persevered throughout her life to become as independent as possible. She discovered horses at age eight, where she could sense how their energy, loyalty, and sereneness helped mold her into a successful leader as an adult. 30-plus years later, her life collided with Hot Wheelz, which led to big adventures.

Hot Wheelz was a lonely, neglected horse, too hot, too difficult to handle, with a mind of his own, and too quick for his own good. Many friends suggested that Lori sell him because he was a bit dangerous on the trail. He had several accidents, lost too much weight, nearly lost his life, was bullied by other horses, and rarely stood up for himself. Today he is the leader of his herd, and Lori is in full charge of her life with the support of her husband, Nigel. Together they all share the joy of day-to-day ranch living with their family of best friends.

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