Emily Edwards Equestrian Extraordinaire

Book Cover: Emily Edwards Equestrian Extraordinaire
Part of the Emily Edwards series:

2022 Winnie Award Winner, Young Adult English Riding, Equus Film and Arts Festival

Twelve-year-old Emily Edwards is confident she has what it takes to become an accomplished equestrian. She’s read every horse book in the library, watched countless how-to videos, and can name every Kentucky Derby winner since 1875. There’s only one obstacle standing in the way of her success.

She’s never ridden a horse.

When Emily wins an essay contest and is awarded a full scholarship to a week of horse camp, she’s ready to impress the staff with her knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, the no-nonsense head instructor doesn’t recognize the brilliance Emily knows she possesses. But that isn’t Emily’s only struggle. Learning how to make friends and be a friend may prove an even greater challenge than becoming an equestrian extraordinaire.