Kody’s Capers Finding Joy

Book Cover: Kody's Capers Finding Joy
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  • Kody's Capers Finding Joy

Kody's Capers, Finding Joy is based on a heartwarming true story of a miniature horse that worked through big challenges and changes in his life. He finds himself facing an unstable situation and feels alone. He perseveres with an open heart and a positive attitude. As Kody settles into his new life he finds a calmness within, which leads to confidence. This confidence builds the courage to make friends and help others make friends. He genuinely lives up to his name, Takoda, which was given to him by his mom when she adopted him. Takoda means "Friend to Everyone" and Kody really loves to make friends!

Kody's story will resonate with anyone who has gone through uncertain times. From feeling scared to moving. From feeling alone and trying to fit in to finally feeling at ease and helping others this story will make your heart feel full!

This little rescue horse makes everyone he encounters feel special!