Meet the Morgans

In Meet the Morgans, you’ll be introduced to the real horses who inspire the best-selling ‘Morgan Horse’ series. With over fifty stunning photographs, you’ll get to see Blackjack trot down the rail as he gets ready to bring home yet another blue ribbon, watch Frosty giggle for the camera, and join Rimfire as he dashes across the field. You will also be introduced to the lovable sidekicks of your favorite Morgans. From Rerun to Spot, and even little Champ—the small dachshund with the big attitude—these adorable companions are sure to make you smile!

As an added bonus, you will also meet over a dozen Morgans from around the country – and world – who excel at numerous equine disciplines from the very exciting combined driving field, to the realm of mounted archery and 100-mile endurance competitions.